Growth Through Innovation

We own innovative companies which design, manufacture and install technology in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) and Passive Fire Protection (PFP). Our vision is to grow our companies and build on synergies through strategic acquisitions.


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Our companies deliver technology solutions which help growers to increase yields when growing food and other crops in glasshouses, polytunnels and vertical farms.


Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM)

Our companies design, test and manufacture surface-mount and conventionally assembled electronics for clients in a broad range of sectors - including pest control, audio, lighting, sports entertainment and sensors.


Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Our companies enable buildings to meet the Fire Safety Act 2021 by providing cavity fire barrier remediation protection. This restricting the spread of fire and smoke without the need to remove the existing façade.

Creating Growth Through Innovation

Light Science Technologies Holdings PLC brings together four companies in three growing market sectors worth over £100bn:

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
Passive Fire Protection (PFP)
Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM)

The group specialises in designing and manufacturing technology solutions for clients across the above three market sectors which products include, sensors, software, control systems, irrigation, crop lighting, PCB assembly for pest control, audio and passive fire protection.

Our companies share many synergies and focus on providing solutions to some of today’s key global issues, including:

Global food security, dependable supply chains and the Fire Safety Act 2021

Controlled Enviroment


Our companies deliver technology which help growers to increase yields, reduce cost, reduce waste and increase profitability.

Contract Electronics


UK Circuits designs, tests and manufactures SMT and through hole assembly for printed circuit boards in a broad range of sectors.

Passive Fire


Injecta Fire Barrier installs passive cavity fire barrier protection in commercial and residential buildings across the UK.

Why Invest in Light Science Technologies Holdings plc?

We work in dynamic and attractive growth markets

An established business with companies trading over 25 years.
Our companies operate in growing sectors currently valued at over £100 billion.

We are operating globally in the Controlled Environment Agriculture and Contract Electronics Manufacturing sectors with a board and management team that has successfully achieved global status.

We use technology to help meet society’s challenges

With their patented products and manufacturing facilities, our companies use innovation and green technology to help food security and create a dependable manufacturing supply chain.

Our Passive Fire Protection (PFP) division strives to support the construction industry to meet the latest Fire safety legislation, protecting buildings and their residents against fire using a modern patented cavity fire barrier remediation solution.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

We champion sustainability and food security 

Passionate about food security and the effect climate change and extreme weather has on traditional farming, our Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) market focuses on supporting growers to produce food locally for existing populations in any climate using green technology.

Our CEA division is helping to disrupt the food supply chain and make food more accessible and sustainable for everyone.

We have a strong base for accelerated growth 

Working in growing markets we have had year-on-year growth and completed acquisitions to our group. We have the perfect platform for accelerated growth with a large, quoted pipeline and forward order books offering good visibility.

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