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Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Our CEA division designs and manufactures technology products and control systems for glasshouses, polytunnels, vertical growing, hoophouses and other indoor growing environments.

Rising population, climate change and a need for greater food security and sustainability, make Controlled Environment Agriculture a high growth market. The market will be worth over 55 billion pounds by 2032.

Together, the CEA division has over 35 years’ experience supporting growers to increase their crop yield and profitability, extending the growing season whilst cutting waste, water, energy, labour and other costs.

Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM)

UK Circuits was founded in 1997 and is based in Manchester, UK.

UK Circuits, designs, procures and manufactures high-quality CEM products, specialising in PCBs which are used in sectors, including audio, automotive, electronics, gas detection, lighting, pest control and controlled environment agriculture.

The design team works alongside customers to provide design and engineering support, including simulation, 3D modelling, and prototyping.

UK Circuits’ procurement ranges from assembly of free issue components, to full turnkey solutions – leveraging the experience of its dedicated supply chain team and relationships with reputable suppliers.

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Passive Fire Protection (PFP)


Passive Fire Protection enables buildings to meet legislation and reduce the risk of fire spreading. The change in the Building Safety Act 2021 highlighted the critical importance of building fire safety.

Injecta Fire Barrier was one of the first UK independent installers of the patented Injectaclad system that is used to reinstate a building’s cavity fire barrier. The solution is easy to install, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective without the need to remove any existing facade. The market was estimated to be worth 50 billion pounds in 2023.

The Group has manufactured products for the fire protection industry for over a decade and witnessed significant growth in the sector.

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