AgTech specialist Light Science Technologies is part of a consortium of four British companies that have earmarked a series of sites between Dumbarton and Dundee for the locations of Scotland’s next generation of hectare+ scale vertical farms, powered by 100% Scottish renewables.  These farms would provide locally produced fresh foods (salads and fruits) to over 60% of the Scottish population. 

The vertical farms will help meet the Scottish Government’s ambitions to produce more homegrown fruit and vegetables.  Each vertical farm would be powered by locally produced renewable energy.   

Next generation vertical farms use advanced soil-free growing techniques and stack crops in specially designed beds and trays.  They minimise water, fertiliser and pesticide use which is highly beneficial to the environment and make use of artificial lighting and climate control to get the desired results. 

The V-FAST consortium comprises UK Urban AgriTech (UKUAT), Light Science Technologies Ltd, Vertegrow Ltd, and RheEnergise Limited, the UK energy storage company. 

The four companies have signed a collaboration agreement to explore the potential to identify and then construct joint projects which combine vertical farming, renewable energy generation and High-Density Hydro® energy storage.  V-FAST stands for Vertical Farms and Storage Technologies. 

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