Company overview

Light Science Technologies Holdings Plc comprises of three divisions: Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM), and Passive Fire Protection (PFP).

Within the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) division, there are two companies: Light Science Technologies and Tomtech, having collectively over 35 years’ experience in the CEA industry.

UK Circuits and Electronics Solutions, our manufacturing company, operates in the CEM division and has over 25 years’ experience.

Injecta Fire Barrier are installers of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) to the construction industry and are our most recent Group acquisition.

UK Circuits was founded in 1997 and is a Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) based in Manchester, UK. The facility enables the Group to design, manufacture and test high-quality CEM products used in a broad range of sectors and counts Rentokil’s pest division as one of its key customers.


The CEM focussed division of the Group, UK Circuits, designs, procures and manufactures high-quality CEM products, specialising in PCBs, for over 70 recurring customers, which are used in a range of sectors, including, audio, automotive, electronics, gas detection, lighting, pest control, and more recently moving into the CEA market.


The UK Circuits design team works alongside customers with new and existing product designs to provide design and engineering support, including simulation, 3D modelling, and prototyping. UK Circuits’ procurement offerings range from assembly of free issue components to full turnkey solutions, leveraging the experience of its dedicated supply chain team and relationships with reputable suppliers.
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Light Science Technologies was founded in September 2019 and facilitates the Company’s highly prospective Controlled Environment  Agriculture (CEA) operations. The Group’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Derby, UK, enable the Group to design, and, in time, test and provide innovative CEA products and services.


Light Science Technologies offers integrated, cost-saving and sustainable CEA solutions to crop growers, with a focus on the indoor, vertical and medicinal farming markets, which is expected to be the major growth area for the Group going forwards in light of the market landscape and in view of competing offerings currently in the marketplace.


Light Science Technologies’ all-in-one CEA solution includes analysing customers’ crop growing requirements to provide bespoke, low-energy products, which subsequently monitor the key growth factors of plant life (namely air speed, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, light, oxygen, soil, temperature and water pH levels) in order to maintain optimal growing conditions, maximise crop yields and minimise resource usage.
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The Group’s nurturGROW modular luminaire product range offers economic, sustainable and high-quality lighting solutions for agricultural purposes. The innovative, patent pending, modular design enables upgrades and replacements to be made easily, whilst minimising cost and environmental waste

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The Group’s in-house laboratory services determine the optimal growing formula of, inter alia, lighting, nutrient, seed and water to maximise customers’ crop growing capability and productivity.

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The Group’s flagship patent-pending technological development, the all-in-one growing sensor nurturGROW, enables farmers to monitor the following key growth factors in real-time: air speed, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, light, oxygen, soil, temperature and water pH levels.

The data gathered by the nurturGROW Sensor is relayed to Light Science Technologies’ software application, where the grower can observe, in detail, the environment in which their crops grow and make adjustments as required.

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